NIKKEN ThermoWear Socks

ThermoWear Socks

· Different designs for everyday life, sports and golf
• Durable and breathable
Machine washable

ThermoWear Sport Socks

Freshness and comfort of the feet are an important factor in sport. With a fully padded footbed and an integrated middle footrest, these socks offer the highest wearing comfort. The specially designed heel prevents the socks from slipping.

Unisex m (37 – 42)
Unisex L (43 – 48)
Technology: Magnetic Technology
Color: White

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NIKKEN ThermoWear Golf Socks

ThermoWear Golf Socks

Let your feet breathe while you are on the golf course. Our specially developed ThermoWear golf socks are made of a high quality cotton mixture and are characterized by temperature regulation and fibres with Fungizidwirkung, which ensures comfort and durability. Woven copper fibres also prevent static charging.

Technology: Magnetic Technology
Size: Single size
Colour: Heather Grey

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