NIKKEN PiMag ® MicroJet Shower

PiMag ® MicroJet Shower

Chlorine-free showers with pure water
· Naturally purified shower water free of known irritants
• Removes chlorine to 100%
• exchangeable filter Cartridge
• Light connectable, 183 cm long shower hose
PIMAG ® Water for supple skin
Our body absorbs chlorine and other disinfectant substances in the water not only by drinking, but also during the showering over the skin and by inhaling water vapor. Disinfectants are added to the sterilization of our water, and despite high quality standards, some of them come into our homes together with disinfectant by-products and impair the taste and smell of our water. These impurities are generally considered harmless, but can affect the well-being of our body. They are not particularly skin friendly, have an oxidising effect and can dry out the skin.
The PiMag ® MicroJet shower removes 100% of the chlorine content and most of the other impurities that can cause skin irritation. It helps to make your skin and hair feel smoother after showering.

PIMAG ® water for supple skin directly from the shower.

Pure PIMAG ® Water

The easy-to-install shower head allows for five different settings of the water jet – from a soft shower to a vigorous bath that cleans thoroughly and contributes to the revitalization of stressed, tired muscles. The PiMag ® MicroJet shower uses a special combination of Nikken filter media with Nikken magnetic technology to ensure that the water you wash with is the same quality as your drinking water from the PiMag ® Waterfall Gravity Water system and the PiMag ® bottle.
Think of the replacement filters…
The filter of the PIMAG ® MicroJet shower has a lifespan of about three months, but should be replaced afterwards. Nikken offers a special permanent order program, which you can use to order the replacement products automatically and at a discount price – please contact us. We will be happy to help you:-)

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