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Nikkens Magnetic Technologies

Today we will tell you the secret of what is behind the Nikken energy technologies hidden

Just before: General information on magnetic technology

Electromagnetism is one of the four basic forces of physics that predominate in our environment. The teaching of energy flows in the body and their effect on our health is an ancient principle and an integral part of Far Eastern cultures and traditional Chinese medicine, which for millennia has been the basis for health care in China and Japan. Makes. In the meantime, the value of alternative practices, such as acupuncture, has also been recognized in Western countries.

Throughout Earth’s history, the polarity of the Earth’s magnetic field has reversed several times. But even in the course of human history, the Earth’s magnetic field has changed considerably. In our modern world, the electromagnetic fields and sources of radiation created by man further affect our electromagnetic environment.

Research into these influences inspired the development of the first Nikken magnetic products more than 45 years ago, which were designed to help our bodies in a world where we are increasingly physique and mental stressors. are exposed to getting back into balance. Nikken’s magnetic products help to restore the conditions in which humans can naturally live and develop.

The magnetic Technologies of Nikken

For the first time, Nikken’s magnetic technology was used in the KenkoInsoles®, the company’s first product. Since then, the research teams have continued their research and found that the effect of the magnetic fields increases with their complexity. Today, Nikken offers a range of magnetic configurations designed for various applications.

Dynamic Magnetic Technology

This technology is more complex than a static field. It is used in our massage products and generates a three-dimensional dynamic magnetic field with greater depth effect. (see Above DynaFlux)

Magnetic voltage Technology

The latest product developments in our magnetic range are based on a magnetic configuration in which the same poles meet and magnetic voltage fields are used to reduce the three-dimensional complexity of our dynamic magnetic technology. into static form. Special magnetic properties Prevent degaussing in these configurations.

RAMTM Technology (Radial Magnetism)

Small ball magnets are arranged in groups of six circular, wherein each individual magnet within the group is positioned so that its axis is rotated between plus and minus pole to that of the adjacent magnet by 60 degrees. The magnetic fields overlap and magnetic voltage fields are created, which provide increased field complexity. Products: Kenkopad, Pillow


Similar to the RAMTM module, but in a slightly larger configuration for larger applications, a number of larger spherical magnets, offset against each other in their polarity, rest in a flexible, mesh-like matrix that can respond to any body movement. Products: KenkoSeat

DynaFlux ®

Nikken’s groundbreaking DynaFlux® technology showcases Nikken’s voltage magnet technologies in an even more compact form that allows for thinner and more powerful configurations for even more ingenious products. Products: Sleep Mask, Kenko msteps and mstrides, PowerChip, PowerMini, magduo, magflex, Kenkotouch

more (field gradient) magnetic technology and products: ceiling, water filter, Sportsbottle, shower filter head, magcreator, bandages, jewelry

ACTIVE Wellness

Living a healthier, happier life doesn’t have to be complicated. Nikken’s products are designed to combine our powerful, natural technologies with everyday household items that can be easily integrated into everyday life without changing your daily routine or lifestyle.

Experience the Nikken vision simply:


– wear the soles, jewelry and/or bandages.

– fresh water at home, at work or while exercising with the Pimag water filter and/or sports bottle


Pamper yourself and others with massage products such as the Kenkotouch, magcreator or magduo.

– Rest and relaxation in bed: sleeping in the magnetic cocoon: kenkopad, blanket, pillow and sleeping mask

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