He wants to get out – out to the fresh air and out into nature.
Spring is here :-)

The first flowers awaken, the days get longer and the time of the year comes when we are out again a lot. Our leisure activities, activities with the family and our fitness program can finally take place outside again. Golfing, cycling, hiking, … Refuel ing enamours.

Go out and get the power the world has to offer there: outdoor movement, natural daylight and fresh air. Daily movement drives your mood and drives away the winter blues. A healthy self-esteem, especially when they take place outdoors, is the thanks.

Because we are so happy about the beginning of spring, we have put together some suggestions for leisure activities in spring:

Go for a walk. Circumnavigate a lake or walk a bit in the forest, where you can feel the feeling of well-being caused by the negative ions in the atmosphere. It doesn’t have to be a long walk. Only a few minutes outdoors can do real miracles for your mental well-being.

Go hiking. Let the walk lead to a hike. It is an excellent way to relax, enjoy a break from everyday life and feel the closeness to nature again. We are naturally fascinated by places that show us how small we actually are – places that remind us that we are part of a larger whole.

Go camping. This is a great way to deepen relationships with other people. You may have promised your children to camp with them once. Do it – try it us. Become an adventurer. Because when camping, it is necessary to trust the other participants and to be able to rely on them. Outdoor activities can show us what we can do, which is often far more than we expected.

Whether you plan to spend just one day or several days at a time in the wild, Nikken offers numerous products to support you in your activities…

The PowerChip®with a magnetic strength of an incredible 900 to 1,000 Gaussais is the perfect size for your outdoor activities. Off into the pocket (or hung on the eyelet around the neck) and prepared for any eventuality. Blue spot or bump? PowerChip on it and the adventure can continue carefree. Targeted energy :-)

Another portable magnetic product, particularly suitable for on-the-go PowerMini™, which due to its small size can be applied virtually anywhere on the skin. It is small enough to accommodate in every bag and purse. The powermini ™’s adhesive discs are waterproof and the magnetic units are reusable.

Also think of yourKenkoInsoles®, with which your feet benefit from the massage effect at every step and you walk step by step of your path with full energy.

Our fresh GreenZymes®(organic barley grass) powderis an excellent source of natural nutrients – even when travelling. Super practical available in small portion bags and therefore ideal for on the go!

Last but not provide you with pure water. The Sportsbottle, our portable bio-water bottle, with integrated water filter even filters out, thanks to nanofilter, microplastics. 600ml capacity, enough to be able to drink enough until the next stop and therefore not too heavy.

Have fun refuelling and tell us about your adventure. :-)

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