Oil change, inspection or intestinal cleansing?

As a matter of course, we take care that our car is cleaned from the inside and outside. It goes without saying that we should carry out the inspections and change the oil. We are doing all this because we are told that it is important to have a maintenance done. We also have our oil tanks cleaned. Some may say: “Of course we do this. There is no question about that. This is important – so that the heating runs well so that the machine in the car does not break, and so on.”

We would never come up with the idea of refueling the wrong petrol because it hurts the car.

We strain our intestines every day with every bite.
Everything we take to ourselves should be used. Have you ever dealt with yourself and your gut? How long does it take for a piece of meat to be digested (up to 60 hours), what happens when we take medication?
Even in our intestines, deposits settle like in an oil tank and yet an intestinal cleansing does not seem to be taken for granted.

Our body would appreciate it if we would also use this energy for it.
Our body is the real machine that supplies and drives us every day.
Our body would be so grateful for an “annual maintenance”, after all the “supposed pleasure” that we inflict year after year as sugar, (white) flour, medicine, alcohol, meat and additives as well as substitutes, finished products and preservatives.

Intestinal cleansing has long been a taboo subject and should find space in our lives.
To love our health.

The intestine is a huge issue.
It is now known that our gut is our 2nd brain. It is even claimed that the gut has a strong grip on our mental health.
70 of all immune cells are in the small and large intestine; Almost 80 of all defensive reactions take place here. This makes the intestine an enormously important part of our immune system.

In an extreme summary:
– In digestion, vitamins are produced by microbes, toxins are broken down and microbes are an important component of the immune system.
– Influence on your psyche: A disturbed intestinal flora can be related to anxiety, mental upset and depression.
– Intestinal, intestinal bacteria and psyche are therefore closely related.

Actually, you know it too:
Do you know the phrase “that makes me stomach pain” or “my gut feeling tells me…”

Stress hits the stomach or on the digestion. We notice an imbalance in the intestine because we are mentally worse off.
A healthy intestinal flora is therefore also good for our psyche.

It is clear that we should take good care of him.

Possible reasons for intestinal remediation are:
– chronic digestive problems (diarrhea, constipation, flatulence)
– Irritable bowel, irritable stomach
– Antibiotic therapy
– Overpopulation of the intestine with fungi (intestinal fungus Candida albicans)
– Acne, impure skin
– constant fatigue, exhaustion, depressive moods
– constant headache or migraine
– Rheumatism and joint discomfort
– recurrent infections (cold, bronchitis)
– allergies, food intolerances
– Overweight
Intestinal bacteria are influenced by: acidification of the body (nutrition), medications (e.g. antibiotics), vaccinations, excessive psychological and mental stress, alcohol consumption, low sleep, etc.

Gentle intestinal cleansing has nothing to do with enemas or disconduction. A gentle intestinal cleansing can be integrated very well in every everyday life.

What can this “maintenance” look like:
Intestinal cleansing and construction is the magic word.
During this time (about 4-8 weeks) your machine, your body, enjoys vegetables, fruits, legumes, light food and basic water.
Not at all or greatly reduced: sugar, coffee, alcohol, meat, white flour.
Avoid: fast food, ready meals, dairy products, sitting for a long time.
Exercise : walking for 20 min every day is enough.
In addition, you need the useful means for internal cleaning.
The aim is to purify the intestine and eliminate old deposits and restore the good intestinal flora with good bacteria.

suitable means for cleaning:

  • Flea seed shells and concrete,
  • Healthy intestinal flora is obtained by healthy nutrition and probiotics, among other things.
  • Superfood: Barley grass (Greenzymes):
    Ingredients such as chlorophyll, carotenes, iron and also its base potential support the supply of vital substances and help with the detoxification and regeneration of the body.
    Greenzymes activates the intestinal flora and the existing toxins in the intestine are reduced.
    Its antioxidants protect against inflammatory processes and additionally help regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  • You will notice a difference in yourself relatively quickly.
    You feel relieved in the truest sense ;-)
    Cheerfulness, lightness, good skin, weight loss, you are healthier and not so prone to disease.
    Your body’s defenses work again.

You vist Vital :-)

After all the knowledge, the question is basically no longer whether we are complying with our intestines for regular inspection.

The question is: when do you start?

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