Here we have healthy recipes for you, which taste wonderful and are easy to prepare.

We like it uncomplicated and at the same time super tasty, healthy and fresh.

Suitable for everyday use and yet not 0815

Healthy food for well-being and healthy eating with pleasure!
We tested everything ourselves and kept on the menu

Our focus?

delicious cuisine, not too elaborate, feasible for everyone, manageable in the amount of ingredients.

About sensational dips, about bread, cakes, breakfast, lunch, dinner – across the world. For your buffet, picnic, datenight and also family-friendly with kids. A colorful, delicious mix.

Cooking has to be relaxing for us – no stress.

Well ok – we now have some great helpers like my red, much-loved Kitchenaid, who make Breadour work in the kitchen a little easier, but I promise you, years before I got this luxury and dream, I rattled everything by hand, kneaded or even ground it. This also works very well, was somehow always a little meditative and quite honestly with some recipes you also get the better result if you knead it by hand with love :-)

I buy the flour at the moment in the organic shop – but at some point I also fulfill the wish of a grain mill.
Baking bread is one of my favorite pleasures in the kitchen. We have some recipes that are fast, uncomplicated and totally delicious.
We prefer to eat it fresh from the oven still warm with homemade “Hot Peppi” butter. Hmm, a treat.

Now I wish you a lot of fun while enjoying,cooking and feasting.
Stay healthy!

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