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Regeneration with NIKKEN

A world of energies

Magnetism in our environment the magnetic field of the earth is an integral part of the natural environment of all living organisms. However, it is subject to change and, over time, it even reverses its polarity. Over the past 150 years, man has created an increasingly electromagnetic environment: electricity, television, radio, mobile phones and other electrical devices provide a modern environment that is penetrated by electromagnetic fields.

Energy for Life

For millennia, the great importance of our body energies has been known in Eastern cultures – acupuncture is just one example. Today we know that the bioelectric systems for the body are just as fundamental as its biochemistry. Although the effects that electromagnetic fields have on our health in our modern world are still the subject of research and affect individual people differently, the electrosensitivity is now on both sides of the Atlantic Officially recognized as a sensitivity reaction.

Support for our natural energies

For more than 35 years, Nikken has been developing innovative magnetic technologiesthat support our body through an ideal environment and help to ensure balance and relaxation in our stressful world.

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