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Sleep problems: Stop your thought carousel and find your relaxation

Sleep problems, thought carousel, you are awake and still somehow completely exhausted?
Why don’t you sleep and how can you solve it? Lack of sleep has become one of the biggest health challenges.

We’ll give you tips on how to solve your challenges.

The benefits of your good sleep:

You better digest information and memories. Our mental and physical well-being improves noticeably. Stress and everything caused by stress is relieved.
– by sufficient and good sleep, your immune system can be strengthened. The sleep hormone melatonin is a natural anti-aging agent.
– our pituitary gland produces a growth hormone especially at night. This is responsible for activating our muscle repair and tissue growth.
– by sufficient sleep we reduce eye rings and our skin looks fresh and rested

Who is responsible for your relaxing slumber?

Our “inner clock” is a pea-sized gland that produces our hormones. The pineal gland. She conducts many processes and is responsible for our biorhythm. Especially involved in our sleep is the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is controlled by light. So if it is always bright in the evening, your retina transmits to your, the small but very important gland, the information that not much melatonin has yet to be released. The result is that your body does not come to rest.

What are sleep killers and how to replace them to get into sleep:

  • Often heard and so much true: laptop, mobile phone or TV have nothing to look for in bed and bedroom. Also, if you just want to send an email or check the weather app for tomorrow very briefly: Spend this activity outside the bed and end it so that you can do something relaxing before going to bed.
  • Watch your favorite series every night?

    Possible through Netflix or Amazon prime. But that has a high price. You pay with valuable hours of sleep that you miss the next day. Series always have the habit of ending in such a way that you absolutely want to keep looking. They tempt you to want to see more. Often you think about what will happen next and have no thoughts. Try to reduce your TV consumption in the evening and set conscious times for it.

  • facebook, Instagram and other social channels

    are all too tempting to scroll through. An endless loop. Advertisements that are supposed to tempt us to go back to other sites to discover them. It chases you one time-eater after another…. These channels come like “see and be seen” and not recommended for your thoughts and for your recovery. Consider whether this really fills you and makes you happy. How about social media fasting on some days or even a longer period of time? Use the time to read, play with family, or share. Your real life can be so much more colorful and fulfilling if you want it.

  • You lie in bed and your thought carousel doesn’t want to end? Sometimes they turn your thoughts so fast that you lose track of them. You can’t concentrate anymore. You feel full in your head and empty at the same time. And actually you would have to sleep. Take a piece of paper and pen, take a deep breath and write down your thoughts. On the note out of mind. Write about your plans the next day, write down your thoughts from the previous day. Always write down something that was especially pleasing to you that day. Even if it’s “little things” like the friendly “Good Morning” from the newspaper seller or the blooming flowers in the garden. After that you will be able to sink into your pillows with relief and no longer need to worry. Everything is on your note.
  • Relaxing is only possible with time. Time for you! You don’t think you have time?

    Then create space for yourself: Of course you are indispensable for your family and you can also do many things best. Honestly, no one wants to make you mad. That’s why you do everything. But is that really the point? It’s ok if others don’t do the things you need to do as fast as you or otherwise. Try to give up to have more time for you. What can you give? Dog walk, dishwasher and clearing, laundry on – and hanging up, covering the table, bringing out garbage and you can certainly think of so much more. Think about it together. Your family will be happy if you trust them and take responsibility. For you, this is a huge gift of time. Time to put your feet up, time to have a cup of tea in peace, time to do nothing.

  • Next keyword “do nothing”. Doing nothing is hard for you?

    What do you do when you have “time”? If you’re on your phone and check the latest posts, make phone calls and scour the kitchen at the same time On. The phone call goes longer and you sweep the house by the way? Pour the flowers, start cooking or put the laundry together. In addition, the next day is planned. Wow. We can’t congratulate you on your “I can-everything-on-once-and-then-still-fast”. Without breaks, you will sooner or later break yourself. And you certainly know that. It’s important to think about yourself and try not to do anything. Yes, it’s hard when it’s part of everyday life and yes, you’ll make it. I know this all too well. Let go, give up and take care of yourself. I had to learn hard again “do nothing” and enjoy the nothing thing again without having a bad conscience. To rest relax and will let you sleep again at night.

  • Nicotine, coffee and alcohol:

    This sounds like a normal stock of your everyday life – at least in part? There is the morning coffee, the interlude coffee, the break cigarettes, the afternoon coffee, the visit coffee, the “oh-what-shoulds-I-am-tired-and-must-wake-coffee” and in the evening there is the evening beer, the “I-must-relax-beer”, the visiting wine, the Friday evening wine and the weekend alcohol, the “today-was-a-shit-day drink” and the “today-was-a-mega-day drink”, as well as “it-shines-the-sun-cocktail” and also the “today-is-it-cold-mulled wine”. Is nitdifficult to have to live without alcohol for years ;-) Alcohol, coffee and often cigarettes (because you are so stressed) run through our everyday life. Over weeks, months and years. Alcohol promotes falling asleep – but strongly prevents sleep. It confuses your sleep rhythm and you wake up the next day. You don’t even have to drink a lot of alcohol to notice it the next day in any form. Coffee consumption won’t let you relax in the long run, nor will nicotine. Our solution: Try not to drink coffee too late and not excessively. Everyone can cope with coffee differently. Replace it partly with tea or decaffeinated coffee. Alcohol fasting acts like true miracles for your body and lets you see things more clearly and leads to a more conscious consumption. How about a challenge with your partner or friends. Enjoy the next month alcohol-free… There are wonderful non-alcoholic cocktails and great drinks. We have recipes for this on our blog. Well, and the dear nicotine.. that this is unhealthy, you know. You just put your worries away for a short time – you can’t get real relaxation with it.

  • Sometimes you’re stressed in the evening and don’t know why?

    Reflect your day. What happened to you, what got you off the rails, what bothered you? If it helps, write down your thoughts.

  • You crunch with teeth at night

    and otherwise feel as if you have a complete Body tension. Tension simply does not allow you to sleep well. Ask your partner to pamper you with a massage. This relaxes, brings peace and at the same time couple time :-) Warm relaxation baths with essential oils are also supportive. How about then cuddled up in bed with an audiobook for muscle relaxation. Conscious on and relax helps to let go of your body.

  • And what if you’re actually in a good mood, weren’t special incidents and you just can’t sleep like that? The good thing is completely normal and happens. Sometimes not being tired is fine. Here we advise you to do concentration exercises in bed: Lie down, take your hands on your belly and breathe in and out quite calmly. The light is of course switched off. We want to get tired ;-) Your job is to focus only on breathing. Not on the ticking of the clock, the creaking from the stairs or any other noises. Try it out. At first it is not so easy to stay with oneself and not to let his thoughts digress. Over time you get better and better, you come to rest and you will fall asleep blessedly.
  • What does your bedroom look like?

    Make your bedroom comfortable. Spaces on, unnecessary Crimean scramble disappears in the cupboards, dirty laundry is not lying around on the floor, it is ventilated, a relaxed scent floats in the room (e.g.: lavender: it relaxes and also helps additionally against moths ;-) ), candles for a cozy atmosphere and gentle light … even if you think that you are “just sleeping” in the room, this room should get a lot of attention from you. The bedroom is the space where we spend most of our life and he deserves to get a cozy, warm look so you can look forward to this space. Every day and every night. This feeling will be transmitted to you and you will be much more relaxed in your bedroom and sleep.

  • The temperature makes a lot of impact.

    Do you know this: to fall asleep, the feet are cold, under the ceiling you start to sweat, after some time it is without a blanket but again too frosty. A constant to-and-uncover begins. You don’t come to rest. In the worst case, you’re even awake again. Tip: Look at your ambient temperature: How warm is the room? 16-19 Celsius are optimal. Do you have enough fresh air, what material is your duvet cover, duvet and pillow? What is your mattress like? All very important factors that contribute to a restful, good sleep. Products made of breathable cotton and other natural materials such as latex or bamboo regulate the temperature. Mattresses with bumps allow the air to circulate, massage and at the same time have less room for mites.

  • Allergies:

    are you allergic to dust or dust mites? Make an extra look at a clean bedroom, plenty of fresh air and equip yourself with allergy-friendly sleeping systems. This gives you and your body the necessary rest to sleep.

  • Are you the classic candidate with the cold feet?

    Almost all year round? Sometimes the hands or the tip of the nose are also affected? Welcome to the club. It is not only women who are concerned and it can have many different causes. Let’s exclude the too short duvet and also any illnesses is usually the reason that you have low blood pressure and/or not as much muscles that can warm you. Heat bottles and socks have proven themselves. Please make sure that they sit looseandly and do not lace up anything and that they are made of natural material. You sweat in plastic. And that leads to you freezing again.

  • make your bed in the morning:

    1. Have you already completed a task and 2. You will be happy to go into a made bed every evening.

  • all well and good and what do people who work at different times and therefore simply cannot get regularity in their sleep and meal times? Shiftwork is a special challenge for your organism. All the more important that you find and use relaxation rituals for you as well as fixed rituals in relation to sleeping. You should try to put the sequence of shift work well: from early over noon to late, in between it is best to take a few days off to adjust to the early time.
  • Rituals, rituals, rituals:

    Rituals help us for a lifetime. They give us security. They give us inner peace because we know what to expect. Rituals can be re-instilled at any time. Find out what time is good for you to go to sleep and be fitter in the morning, pick some of the suggested tips and try to integrate them. Read, paint or listen to an audiobook? 9 or 8 hours of sleep? Tea or hot milk? Walk or sport? Massage or hot bath? Look at what appeals to you and try out and be patient with you. Try to relax and trust you and your body.

  • Are you noise and or light sensitive?

    Then earplugs and a sleep mask could help you. They shield you from disturbing noises or light sources. Your visual muscles can relax. When the brain perceives total darkness, it increases, as already mentioned, the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep. Often the eye area is affected by stress and tension, which can lead to early skin aging and wrinkles as well as headaches. Sleep masks help to calm the mind and thus provide a deeper feeling of relaxation. You don’t have to become a yoga guru, just drink herbal tea or read poetry books or become an athlete to sleep relaxed. There are good alternatives for all these points. So does a walk in the fresh air, audiobooks, relaxed, quiet music and a glass of water.

  • Does this mean no more stress until your lifetime, just so that you can sleep well?

    Well, we can’t choose that, and sometimes we can’t influence that. On top of that, each of us is stressing other things. Your body tolerates stress. There is also positive stress. Stress can drive and motivate you. Times, but not permanently. If you have too many stress factors in the long run, your sleep, your everyday life, your life will suffer at some point. All alarm bells should be raised and your personal everyday life should be very critically eyed and things changed. Changes are possible every day. Here and now.

  • Your body doesn’t relax immediately?

    You’ve read so much about it and learned how to rest so that you have the option to sleep well again and it doesn’t want to work out right away? Give your body time. You’ve been feeding him with stress for years, ignoring the signs and probably running over many stop signs. Your body needs to understand that you are serious and really want to relax. He needs to change and learn to relax again. Your body is a complex system that deserves to rest “in peace”. Be patient with you, breathe and trust yourself. You will be able to relax again.


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