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Why do we recommend sleeping masks?

Total relaxation for a restful sleep

Your eyes say a lot about you – especially whether you have gotten enough sleep or not!

Sleeping masks can promote a relaxed and restful sleep – by creating an environment where your eyes are protected from light.

When we sleep, it should be as dark as possible – even if we have various aids for darkening windows, we often find ourselves surrounded by disturbing light sources.

Why should light sources be avoided at night?

Especially artificial light can disturb our sleep. This can be the light from the PC, mobile phone and also television.
If we are often surrounded by this light, it can even cause sleep disturbances.
Our sleep-wake-rhythm is interrupted and we prevent our body from staying in deep sleep for a long time.

By using sleep masks you are not dependent on external light influences and can enjoy your sleep in peace everywhere.

Who needs a sleep mask?

Basically everyone benefits from a sleep mask. Sleep can be improved in no time and we all need a healthy sleep.

But there are also people who benefit especially from sleep masks:Why do we recommend sleeping masks? 2

People who

  • much travel
  • work in shifts
  • work irregular hours
  • have trouble sleeping
  • sensitive to light
  • are prone to headaches or migraines
  • want to set a sign of calm; because whoever has a sleep mask on, shows clearly that he does not want to be disturbed now and needs time for himself.
  • have a partner at your side who likes to read in bed for longer periods of time or watch TV or be busy with other media that emit light sources. The melatonin hormone is extremely important for us, as it is partly responsible for our deep sleep. All night long.


A sleep mask makes it easier to sleep for several reasons


  • It supports your body to produce sufficient melatonin in a natural way.
  • it lets you sleep in and through undisturbed. You wake up more rested.
  • It protects you from light. Even the smallest light source can sometimes be disturbing. Sealing off light sources helps you to relax
  • your eyes can relax while you sleep
  • it is practical for traveling like in an airplane, train or car.


Why do we recommend sleeping masks? 3Melatonin and the sleep mask

The melatonin hormone is extremely important for us, as it is partly responsible for our deep sleep. All night long.

So if you produce enough melatonin, you sleep much better. Melatonin is secreted in our brain but only as long as it is dark at night. As soon as it perceives light, production stops, the day-night rhythm is disturbed and it can be very difficult to find your way back into deep sleep.

How does a sleep mask help with migraines or headaches?

Anyone who has ever had severe headaches or migraines will know it: you want to shield yourself from light, among other things. Light does not support well-being in this situation at all.
A good sleeping mask keeps the light sources away from the eye 100% and helps it in these unpleasant moments.

What advantages should a good sleep mask have:Why do we recommend sleeping masks? 4

  • it should not leave pressure marks on the face
  • soft, pleasant on the skin, so that they can be worn for hours
  • Be breathable
  • be ergonomically shaped so that it adapts well to the contours of your face: it
    be easily adjustable in width
  • complete, reliable shielding of light sources
  • the recess on the nose should be large enough so as not to obstruct breathing
  • Easy to clean: contact with the skin should make it possible to clean the mask for hygienic reasons.
  • Small, compact and light – with a practical protective bag for on the way
  • Magnets / magnetic field

The advantages of a sleep mask with magnetic technology:Why do we recommend sleeping masks? 5

  • the magnet technology has an improved depth effect
  • increases the effectiveness of a natural energy field
  • an even and active magnetic field over the entire surface helps to relax the muscles of the face and eyes: The eye area is often affected by stress and tension, which can lead to premature skin aging and wrinkles. With DynaFlux® magnetic technology, the Kenko PowerSleep® Sleep Mask helps to calm the mind and provides a deeper feeling of relaxation.
  • Temperature regulation: neither sweating nor freezing

By using a sleep mask with magnets like the Kenko PowerSleep™ sleep mask, you will find that you will immediately feel more relaxed.

Nikken has been a pioneer in advanced sleep innovation for over 45 years, helping many people around the world benefit from better sleep quality.

Unfortunately, very few people get the right amount of sleep they need.
Even though it is known today that insufficient and especially “bad” sleep can cause physical and mental problems, it is still a problem.

The Kenko PowerSleep™ sleep mask can help you to improve the quality of your sleep and to rest well during your travels.

Our sleep mask conclusion:

Unfortunately, the number of sleep problems is increasing. Sleep disorders have a strong influence on our well-being.
Among other things, technological development is also involved:
We ourselves are bringing more and more light sources into the bedroom. Apart from the television, many people still spend their evenings with their computer or mobile phone and if not us, then perhaps their partner.
That is why we should protect ourselves from the light sources.
An absolutely dark bedroom would be best. A room of peace with a very good mattress or pad, a supporting pillow and a temperature regulating quilt.
Disturbing light is prevented by the use of an eye mask and a restful sleep is no longer in the way.

Self test:Why do we recommend sleeping masks? 6

Do the test once and put your warm hands (rubbing together beforehand) on your eye sockets and be quiet for a moment and enjoy the peace and quiet. Do you think you could find peace and quiet with a sleep mask?

Where can you buy magnetic sleep masks?

You can get the Kenko PowerSleep™ sleep mask exclusively in our shop.

Good sleep starts the night before.

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