Technologies as a supplement to natural energies

– by guest blogger Dave Balzer

All Nikken technologies are based on our natural world. Whether it’s magnetic energy, far-infrared or negative-ion technology, Nikken has been watching nature closely and developing ways to reap its benefits for you.

There is nothing more natural than magnetism. Basically, the Earth itself is a huge dipole magnet that transfers its energy flow to every living being on the planet. This flow of energy forms a shield over the globe known as the magnetosphere. The magnetosphere protects the surface of the planet from harmful solar radiation. The shield itself essentially acts like a filter that allows biocompatible light energy to pass through. Without the protection provided by Earth’s magnetic flux, life as we know it would be destroyed.

Many animals are able to feel the Earth’s magnetic field. This applies to birds, insects, but also plants and even humans. All living things that react to Earth’s magnetic energy possess a protein known as cryptochrome. It is this molecule that reacts to magnetic energy. Unfortunately, NASA has reported that Earth’s magnetic field is weakening and even developing irregularities. Nikken has chosen to use dipole permanent magnets in many of its products to slow down and counteract the degradation of Earth’s natural magnetic energy.

The energy of the sun reaching the surface of our planet is composed of visible, ultraviolet and infrared light. The visible wavelengths of light are those that man can perceive with his eyes. They account for 40% of the light energy that reaches the Earth’s surface. Ultraviolet light cannot be seen by mammals and accounts for 7% of total radiation. This means that infrared light energy accounts for 53% of the solar energy that reaches the earth’s surface. Infrared light is fundamental to human life. The tissues and cells in the body are tuned to the infrared energy. They absorb, use and even emit infrared energy.

Nikken manufactures several products that contain special reflective ceramic fibers. These fibers are able to absorb light energy and reflect it back to the user as infrared energy. As a result, Nikken is able to support and balance the natural far-infrared energy in the environment.

Negative ions are all around us. Nature holds them in abundance in the forests and near waterfalls. They are a key element for the well-being and relaxation experienced during a walk in nature. It sounds like irony, but negative ions have a positive impact on well-being, while positive ions do the opposite. Household appliances, electronics, and other home furnishings in the city give off positive ions and can cause fatigue and depression. Consequently, the environment must be enriched with new sources of negative ions to compensate for the poor effects of the positive ions.

Some examples of Nikken magnetic products with the patented DynaFlux® magnet technology are the Kenko mSteps and mStrides insoles and the KenkoTouch®handheld massager. Reflective ceramic fibers can be found in all Kenko Sleep products such as the KenkoDream® blanket and the Naturalst® pillow.

Our guest blogger Dave Balzer is a technology consultant and international consultant in the areas of product development, design engineering, prototyping, manufacturing and regulatory compliance for new equipment. In the last three decades he has worked with Nikken on many projects gearThat is what we are against. Since 2012, he has been running his own medical technology company, which manufactures special diagnostic kits.

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