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True Elements – Organic Skin Care with Eco Certificat

Today we would like to introduce you to our skin care True Elements:
In accordance with the Nikken philosophy of natural products that are good for us, the products of the TRUE elements® Marine Organic Skincare range are certified by EcoCert organic – i.e. at least 99 of the entire ingredients come from natural sources. EcoCert is a recognized international certification that guarantees the highest ecological/biological integrity. This is an award that few products– even those called “bio” – have received.

What does it mean when products receive the Ecocert certificate:
• Control and traceability of all delivery channels
• Commitment to environmental protection
• Integrity of all raw materials and ingredients

Ensuring the highest standard in the respective industry, e.g. food or cosmetics
The products of the TRUE elements® Marine Organic Skincare skincare series from Nikken are all based on a synergistic blend of organic seaweed and coastal plants, which offer a high content of trace elements and minerals.

From sustainable deposits; the seaweeds in the TRUE elements® Marine Organic Skincare series of Nikken come from sustainable deposits in a sea area off the Atlantic coast of Brittany, which is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This means that this area is preserved and protected as part of the World Heritage Site and is of immeasurable value to humanity.

Before harvesting, the seaweeds absorbed a wealth of trace elements and minerals from the sea, all of which have an extremely skin-nourishing effect. Due to the high quality standards regarding the processing of seaweed, we know exactly what types of seaweed uses, how they are harvested and how they are added to the respective product.

Here is an overview of the marine algae speciesused in our TRUE elements® Marine Organic Skincare series:

1. Chodrus crispus. Cartilage tang can help maintain the skin’s natural moisture content.
2. Crithmum maritimum. Sea fennel can support the natural protective function, the renewal of the skin cells and a radiant, supple appearance of the skin.
3. Ulva lactuca. Sea lettuce can enhance the natural radiance of the skin.
4. Laminaria digitata. Fingertang is rich in minerals and trace elements that can support the natural regeneration of the skin. It moisturizes and gives the skin a naturally radiant appearance.
5. Fucus vesiculosus. Bladder tang helps to stimulate and invigorate the skin.

Although the skin is constructed from the same layers on all parts of the body, these differ from the body area to the body area. For example, the skin in our face is different from the skin on our hands. A good skin care program can make a significant contribution to keeping the skin naturally soft and supple.

Why we recommend True Elements’ organic care series:
– Based on seaweed/seaweed
• Organic certified and 99 natural
• UNESCO World Heritage Site
• Free of parabens, phenoxyethanol as well as artificial dyes and fragrances
• Not tested in animal testing

Seaweed – the frontrunners among the super ingredients for the skin
The advantages of…
• Rich in minerals and vitamins
• pH corresponds to the pH of the skin
• Particularly skin-friendly for sensitive skin
• Rich in proteins and amino acids
• Anti-inflammatory properties •
Moisturizing and nourishing
• Forms a protective cover
• Natural ingredients provide antioxidant protection

Harvesting and production:
Seaweeds come from deposits off the coast of Brittany
• UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
• Selection of algae species is carried out according to strict guidelines
• Gentle processing from sustainable stocks within 24 hours
• High concentration of bioactive seaweed extracts
• Developed by scientists with 15 years of experience
• Free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, polyethylene glycols (PEG), phthalates, ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA), genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and artificial dyes and fragrances


We offer different skin care programs for different needs:
Cleansing for fresh and vital looking skin

We wish you a wonderful feel-good and wellness experience with the True Elements series.

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