Why is the Nikken water filter so special?

There are many arguments for general water filtration:

  • On the one hand, the water from bottles is expensive; you have to wear heavy; it is microplastic and bad for the environment.
  • Pollutants: Residues such as asbestos, bacteria, hormones, drug residues, herbicides, pesticides, lead, copper and other heavy metals can be found in the water through industry, agriculture and the water pipe.
  • Reverse osmosis devices make the water dead. The body needs pure and lively water for a good metabolism. So also minerals.
  • Filtering water is more ecological than buying water
  • Some argue that there are permitted amounts of pollutants in the water. Yes, but …. For hormones and drug residues there are currently no limit values and often the limit values are significantly exceeded and then chemically (!) treatedwith other substances, so that it acts “pure”. So it is substances in the water that treat the waterworks against. A few years ago, for example, there were still more than 50 values, today there are only 30, because it is too expensive to treat everything against. As a result, the waterworks have decided to stop treating some substances and simply leave them indoors. This is at the expense of health. Unfortunately! The waterworks still cannot filter out drug residues.
  • People often assume that the water is pure because they see the test results of the waterworks. But in the waterworks we do not drink the water. It can be contaminated on the way to our home by the pipes and therefore it is the safest for even it where you drink the water. at home!
  • Filtering water saves time, money and effort :-)

Here is a detailed article about 28 reasons for filtering the water.

Why is pure, filtered and enriched as well as living water so important:

we consist of 2/3 of water. It is important that we provide our body with good water so that it can function optimally:

  • Tap water is under pressure. Under pressure, the internal structure of the water changes and thus its energetic quality and the body can no longer absorb it 100%. The water loses its vitality due to the pressure. Both tap water and bottled water.

There are countless water filters on the market. What is so special about the Nikken water filter?

From our water pipes comes water that is under pressure and not basic. When you test it, for example with a simple test strip, the water is usually at 6.5.
But we need water that goes into the body cell – for the cleansing of our body. This means that we need basic water. The water filter from Nikken conjures us a ph-value between 8.5-8,8

This water device behaves like in nature:Water cooler

The water seeps through (!), it is purified of pollutants and re-enriched and energized with important minerals. It’s alive like Pi-water! Your body can absorb it 100%.

Top tap water in – bottom water in super spring quality out.

How does the Waterfall work in detail:

  • Nikken’s water is not only cleaned, but also micromaterials are filtered out by the microfilter.
  • There is something very special about the Nikken water equipment:the water can be reproduced. Nikken has developed a special ceramic,if the water seeps through there, then it is put back into its original state:into these small and important clusters.

The structure:

Microsponge, activated carbon with silver and the lower part consists, among other things, of a special ceramicthat breaks down the water into the small clusters, i.e. in its clock state, so that the body can absorb it 100%.

The microsponge is there to keep microparticles away. ( microplastics, etc. )

Activated carbon: NIkken has looked at what are the most important features in water improvement and has managed to pack everything into one device. An important point is the cleaning of the water by the activated carbon, among other things. This is offset with silver.
Activated carbon would germinate quickly without the addition of silver. Activated carbon absorbs heavy metals, organic substances such as pesticides, hormones, etc. Microorganisms sometimes mutate very quickly. This filter system does not germinate because it is silver-doped.

Special ceramics: This special ceramic breaks down the water back into its small clusters. Clusters havethe ability to transport information in particular.

If possible, Nikken products always have something in place that counteracts deacidification. In the lower part (special ceramic) coralle is also included,because the water is pushed into the slightly alkaline area. It is important that it is slightly alkaline and not too much, because not all areas of the body should be basic. Our stomach, for example, needs its stomach acid to break down proteins into amino acids.

Last but not least, there are special mineral stones.

Energization: When pouring out, the water flows through a magnetic ring, whereby it is energized again and the surface tension is lowered again a bit. This makes it taste softer, althoughobjectively it is a rather hard water, as it is enriched by the minerals and coralle.

Why reverse osmosis is not recommended:

Reverse osmosis devices have an advantage, they create the highest purity BUT it is dead. It’s like distilled water and this isn’t really beneficial to the body. Furthermore, these devices are also under pressure.

Why is dead water not recommended?

Our metabolic end products are not better transported by dead/empty water.

How does our body dispose of the metabolic end products?

Our bodies don’t just sneak these metabolic end products out of the cells. Our body has specially modified sugar molecules and the metabolic end products are “grown” to them via a chemical reaction. This means that if there is now such a specially modified sugar molecule in the body, and it is NOT there, then our body knows that it stays where it is, because it is necessary for the discharge of the metabolic end products.
Conversely, if there is such a specially modified sugar molecule in the body now, and it is SOMETHING, then our body knows that it must now discharge it.

If the body is impoverished of minerals (by empty/dead water), then it is all the harder for the body to dispose of the metabolic end products because it cannot bind them so well in addition, these reverse osmosis devices are under pressure.

So we need enriched, mineral-rich water, not dead water!

Arguments against Brita filters:

The two filters are practically not comparable!!

Brita’s filters filter out the minerals, not toxins.

They do not have a microsponge filter for the micromaterials in the water.

He doesn’t make small clusters and he doesn’t make special minerals in and so on.

Frequently asked question:

Why is such a film on my tea? This film doesn’t look so stunning, BUT it’s totally positive. This is a sign that the water is not acidic, but basic. :-)

from a chemical point of view: It is the bitter substances in tea that react with calcium. This means that if all the calcium is out of the water, for example, if we have dead or empty or mineral-empty water, then we do not have this reaction. This is then a sign of acidic water and not of basic water. So if you know what this film means, you can be pleased that you have calcium-containing water.

In summary, we can say that with the water filter from Nikken we have a fantastic spring water plant, which is also cheaper than the contaminated bottled water and we save a lot of money!


More questions?

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