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All-value support for our nutrition
Nutrition in today’s society
A good diet is one of the cornerstones of good health. In our fast-paced time, however, it can often be difficult to nourish ourselves in a fully-fledged, balanced and versatile way. Instead, expediency and the supply of ready meals determine our diet, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to pay attention to low levels of sugar, fat and salt if we do not prepare our own meals fresh. This affects our health, and the weight problems that have almost become the norm in our society are worrying. In addition, the nutrient content in our fresh foodstuffs has fallen due to modern landwirtschftlicher intensive management.

All-value support for our diet.

nutritional Supplement of NIKKEN as an adaptation to our modern everyday life

Undoubtedly, the best solution for healthy eating is to take three self-prepared, full-fledged meals, ideally containing at least five or more portions of fruit and vegetables. In addition to the multitude of their daily obligations, this is difficult for most people. Nikken therefore provides you with a range of basic and targeted nutritional supplements based on concentrated full-value ingredients and provides support for our basic nutrient needs in our hectic everyday life.
We offer the following products:
Bio-Jade GreenZymes ®/bio-Jade GreenHarmonie ®
-Kasai ®
-OsteoDenx ®
-CalDenx ®
-Everyday Weight Management Pack
-KVB ® Organic food-degustation
-Kenzen ™ Cleansedx
-Kenzen ™ Digestion 4-20

Nutritional products from NIKKEN

Autoship-order at a discount price on a regular basis
We know how much worth it is to feed you well every month. So you can order the food supplements from Nikken directly to your home via an automatic delivery service – at an unbeatable price! With Autoship you have the opportunity to buy these products at the cheapest price. Of course, the order program is completely flexible, i.e. you can change your standing order at any time as needed. The danger that you will accumulate products that you do not use in the short or long term does not exist – simply change your autoship when it makes sense for you. We will be happy to answer any further questions.
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