Skin care by NIKKEN

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Seaweed has been used for millennia for nutrition and skin care – and carefully selected organic seaweeds are also the basis for our true Elements ® skincare series. Our skin care products are tailored to the natural ph value of the skin, and the natural active ingredients help your skin to radiate its energy too. True Elements ® Organic Skin Care is free of parabens, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), mineral oil, phthalates, Phenoxyethanol, polyethylene glycol (PEG), EDTA (EDTA), and artificial colour and fragrances.
One of the most important factors for beautiful skin is the supply of moisture – and this is where seaweed is particularly distinguished! The products of our true Elements ® skincare series are based on special formulations made from enriching seaweed extracts that naturally cause the cells of the skin to take up more water. This gives your skin a fresh, well-groomed appearance 24 hours a day.

Heavenly care for supple skin.

Hautpflege von NIKKEN Erlesene Inhaltsstoffe aus nachhaltiger Ernte

The harvesting of seaweed for our products is based on gentle methods and environmentally conscious – they come from natural and sustainable occurrences in a sea area declared by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve. The further processing of seaweed takes place within 24 hours after harvest in close proximity to land using the most modern methods, so that active ingredients are not lost – for a first-class care experience.
These products have Nikken in its assortment:
-Gentle Cleansing milk
-Refreshing facial water
-Nourishing Face Cream
-Refreshing facial peeling
-Nourishing Face mask
-Invigorating Shower gel
-Moisturizing Body Lotion
-Refreshing face cream
-Anti-Ageing serum
-Anti-ageing Eye Serum
-Hand and foot cream
-Hair Care