What is a satisfied and well-being lifestyle?

Feeling good around is a process. How you can achieve this and which different areas are connected with it, I will tell you here:

There are five crucial aspects of our lives that require balance: Gleichgewicht

Body, mind, family, society and finances. Real well-being begins when we balance in our lives.

A healthy body:

There is the famous saying:“Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing.” How much that is true. Our health is fundamental, and in promoting physical well-being there are three key areaswhere we need to make the right decisions in favor of our health: nutrition, exercise, and mental attitude. Enjoying the general guideline for nutrition “everything in moderation” is probably the best advice. By eating five portions of fruit or vegetables, foods rich in fiber and carbohydrates, lean, light meat and fish, and plenty of natural water, we get everything we need for a balanced diet.

We should move regularly,either on a daily walk, on a fitness video to join in or in a sport that suits us. Moreover, if we stay away from certain things,such as excessive alcohol and caffeine consumption, smoking and recreational drugs, we opt for a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy mind

A healthy diet, a strengthened body, good quality sleep and a regular exercise program promote a positive mental attitude. By developing your own positive attitude for yourself and surrounding yourself with positive-thinking people, you can build and maintain self-confidence. Many books deal with how a positive attitude not only helps the individual, but also has a positive effect on the people and the world around them.

Think about how you feel when you meet someone who is happy and part-not and who is positive about himself and everything around him. It is true that there can be many stressful situations in life, such as financial burdens, concerns about health or the future. However, a person with a positive mental attitude will “look at the sunny side”, strive for a positive solution and, standing in their regular life, will face ever “lesser problems”. This person will therefore probably be better equipped to cope with stress and stressful situations.

A healthy family

A strong family unit consists of enriching, respectful relationshipsthat require real understanding and serious efforts. In order for the family unit to remain in balance, all family members must be guided by basic values: trust, honesty, selflessness, vision and commitment. These are essential for the unity of a family and can provide a structure that allows more energy, meaning and responsibility. A family that lives these values can become stronger and overcome all the great challenges that can arise, while being a source of inspiration and support for others. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. However, you can always decide to build your own small family healthy.

A healthy society

For many of us, the term “society” includes family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and others with whom we are in regular contact. Our society is undergoing a change. Our government provides (among other things) schools for our children, police on our streets and a health care system. The quality of all these services depends onhow well our communities and (ultimately) our governments do their job. We can make sure we do our best for our communitiesby taking on our small role at the local level and engaging,engaging in local initiatives and using our voice in local and national elections. Also there the tasks are manifold.

I have always been fond of working for the youth in my place in the sports club, motivated them to grow beyond themselves and have worked to ensure that they have their space. I am active in the school of our children and like to participate in actions if I can pass on to others our knowledge about an active feel-good lifestyle.

Healthy finances

Everyone knows that money alone is not a measure of success and does not make you happy; Money can help enable a person to fulfill their dreams. We all strive for financial independencein the course of our lives, we want control over the wages we reap. But in the lives of many people, a lack of money can cause misery. One of the main concerns in Europe is the lack of pension reserves for the baby boomers and the increasing risk of falling deep into a debt trap. The most important goal for most of today’s approximately 600 million adults in Europe is to settle their financial fatein such a way that they can live a pleasant lifenow and in retirement. Whatever that may look like for everyone.

Can I achieve this balance by working with Nikken?

Clearly: Yes! When we met Nikken in 1999, like so many of them through the products, we realized within a very short time that this was a chance to get out of our mammoth hamster wheel.

We work a lot, but the opportunity to decide where, when and with whom gives us a great deal of freedom.

We are in a fantastic position to achieve a more satisfied and well-being lifestyle.

We can all contribute tothe fact that many people own Nikken products and lay their foundation for their life with well-being. This can have a significant impact on people’s overall well-being. Prevention is important and not only for one’s own well-being.

Every year, the cost of health care increasesbecause 1) humanity is getting older but is not “healthy” and 2) technical progress costs. Especially the treatment of chronic diseases is expensive.

That is why it is importantthat we do something preventively so that the economy does not suffer any more. We must all take responsibility for our own well-being.

Nikken products offer different solutions to the most important challenges of modern life:

Lack of energy, sleep disturbances,lack of exercise, poor diet as well as water and air pollution.

All these things that go hand in hand with working for a worthwhile job, that is, helping thousands of people to well-being and a more balanced life, make this the best “job” we could wish for.

We see it as our task to inform our fellow human beings.

And by showing you how you could improve your life, you’re able to generate the income you want to enable the lifestyle you want, both for today and for your time in retirement.

Finding balance – feeling good – relaxing

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