Why do people choose Nikken?

Nikken’s goal and mission is to provide the products, business opportunity and support that enable people and their families to lead a perfect and fulfilling, well-being-oriented lifestyle.

To achieve this, Nikken is involved in two key areas:

Network Marketing and Wellness. More and more people are choosing to work part-time in a network marketing business from home because it allows people to earn what they are really worthwhile helping others. Network Marketing has something for everyone. You don’t need big investments or a university degree – just the desire and willingness to put things into practice.

Nikken dispenses with the middlemen and offers an attractive compensation plan.

And what about our products?

Nikken combines ancient principles with modern technology. Nikken’s reputation as a global leader in wellness technology is enhanced by her ties to the University of California and Irvine Medical Centre in the US.

Nikken’s highly developed products are dedicated to everyday things – dissatisfaction, stress and general well-being. Nikken continuously researches and tests the latest scientific and technical developments. The result is a number of innovative technologies that are integrated into products.

Nikken’s compensation plan

Nikken’s founder Isamu Masuda has chosen network marketing as a sales method for Nikken and as a balanced approach to a meaningful life; an approach that Nikken believes can help us all achieve “perfect well-being” – a balanced lifestyle and financial success.

Nikken’s compensation plan has been developed so that everyone can gain financial well-being and freedom, determined by their achievements and desires.

Training & Support

Nikken offers results-oriented training and supportto all consultants. The training programs are developed and perfected by experienced specialists who have achieved success in the field of network marketing.

Nikken provides your business with cutting-edge technologies to help you maximize your precious time and minimize your effort. In addition, there are several Nikken teams at headquarters whose most important task is to have the types of tools and support you need to build and grow your business.

We can show thousands of people around the world a better future. Nikken will continue to maintain its position at the forefront of well-being technology, with groundbreaking products that are extensively researched, developed and tested for unparalleled quality and performance.

We have been with us since 1999 and we are grateful every day to be a part of the whole.

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