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Why do we work with network marketing?

Today only a short blog post follows ;-)

We are often asked why we work with a network marketing company and at the same time, of course, the question follows:

Why Nikken?

(I’m not really going into network marketing here, because you can read that in my other blog post :-) – today it’s all about Nikken.

We decided to work with Nikken because we are convinced of the products and secondly, the company philosophy fits. The work challenges us and brings us every day fun – we get support from trainings and experienced staff if necessary.

Through several profound experiences in our young lives,we have become more and more able to see how we want life and what we can do to achieve it.

Wir would like to support. The products have given us a lot and helped us to address health imbalances. We pass that on.

We are deeply gratefulthat the products of Nikken have been introduced to us and that we have been so open and have allowed them to be tried out.

After we had regained energy for ourselves and were able to look forward, we also looked at the possibility that we could also earn something from the sale of the products.

We were young, just finished with the Abi and at the beginning of our studies and a side salary did us good. But not only that, but also the associated arrival with ourselves and the realization that we can contribute what we love and want to contribute with the work with Nikken.

We have participated in events and workshops. They have always given us many things:

  • we met great people and had moving, touching conversations
  • we have always taken new ideas, new energy and good mood
  • we have also been able to determine what we do not like and want.

What the products mean to us:

In children it starts and affects generations: sleep deprivation/fatigue, allergies, inflammation, autoimmune weakness. Often the triggers for this are stress, nutrition, environmental toxins, pollutants, water quality…. All of this weighs on each of us.

Chronic diseases are a global problem and not a normal part of aging. Everyone should be aware of this.

Advertising keeps us saying that we can “handle” everything. Exactly: every challenge is dealt with and not PREVENTED.
The solution is self-responsibility.

It feels good and right to help others and it’s wonderful to see their lives suddenly taking on a positive change and lightness.

Self-care should be the basis for us and our families.

Our why is our goal: To help everyone live a life in balance.
And the wellness home from Nikken offers us all the possibilities.

Nikken saves the complete retail and wholesale business through direct sales. As well as overpriced advertising in magazines or TV. These savings can then be passed on directly to the consultants in the form of commissions. The compensation plan is comprehensible and easy to understand for every consultant. By working with an MLM company, we have the opportunity to design many aspects freely.
We, for example, are absolutely freedom-loving. We love being able to work from anywhere and especially when. Time is precious to us and we are very grateful that our time belongs to us and is not controlled by strangers.

The Baby Boomer generation, as well as Generation X, are often the generations that find their way to an MLM company. These generations the word workaholic and burn-out. When people don’t feel a connection between their job and themselves, or they’re frustrated by the job, there’s a often the desire for change,so many have already filled in the internal dismissal. A secure life, peace and relaxation are at the top of the wish list. In addition, these generations want something meaningful and at the same time the desire for recognition (in the job) as well as the feeling of being needed is there. Freedom, a work-life balance and the possibilities to develop are also strong motivators.

Everyone has a different WHY: For us, the cooperation developed early during our studies. In all phases of our lives, we were always free to decide whether we work and how much. So it is a constant companion and has evolved from a side income to a main income.

MLM companies with a coherent philosophy as well as suitable products fulfill various possibilities to realize his wishes – even during retirement.
Results do not fall from the sky, but are the result of your activities.
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