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Why the magnetic mattress is becoming more and more popular

Our sleep is a very important aspect of our health

At least one-third of us don’t sleep well. Many of us wake up tired and can’t shake off this fatigue all day long. Sleep, however, is an indispensable physiological function. The so-called “social jet lag” is an important research concept that deals with the problem that our inner clock often does not coincide with our daily schedule.
Sleep supports all aspects of our health. Because in sleep our body has to recover from the stresses of the day and prepare for the stresses of the next day. Poor sleep can lead to an increased chronic stress response and thus affect our immune function, which can have consequences for almost every aspect of our health and well-being.

It doesn’t matter how many hours we sleep when we wake up rested in the morning. Above all, the quality of sleep is also important. And our sleeping environment plays a significant role in the quality of our sleep.

Have you ever thought about the fact that everything we do needs energy, how do we think, speak, move, and even all our everyday lives need energy?

Where does your body get its energy from?

Your body gets most of its energy needs from the earth and from the sun. A smaller part about your food.

More specifically:
The magnetic field of our earth is the most important energy for all life.
Doctors came to the finding after numerous studies that many everyday problems and civilizationdiseases arise from a lack of magnetic fields. It is based, among other things, on the fact that the Earth’s magnetic field is decreasing.

The consequences of the lack of energy:

If there is a lack of these natural energy sources, the stress factor can also cause the energy potential of our body to be severely impaired and the ability to compensate for the lack of energy is no longer available. Among other things, stress has become the main problem of modern humans. It is a major risk factor because it can be the cause and cause of many diseases of civilization.
These are often not diseases in the proper sense, but symptoms of deficiency.
In order to counteract this energy deficiency, stress must be reduced and energy supplied.

Appropriate magnetic field products can compensate for a lack of energy.
Since our sleep is a very important aspect of our health, magnetic mattresses can help us enormously promote a very good sleep quality.

When choosing our bed, most of us often pay attention only to the perceptible comfort of the mattress. But for the highest quality of sleep – and adequate rest and relaxation – there are a number of factors to consider when choosing a sleeping environment. These include:

. Comfort


Temperature characteristics

-Moisture Regulation

• ventilation


• Hygiene and

Energy technologies

a few sleep facts:

When you sleep really deeply, your brain starts “recharging its batteries.” Your learning and memory can be strengthened.

And if you’re in deep sleep for long enough, your muscle coordination and immune system will also benefit.

Normal sleep runs in cycles, with each cycle ending with the dream phase, REM sleep. (REM = Rapid Eye Movement) in which the muscles relax, blood pressure drops and breathing slows down. There is also an increased level of tissue growth and repair. Only in these deep sleep phases are hormones released and energy refuelled.

Sufficient deep sleep is extremely important for every person.

The first phase in each sleep cycle is the light sleep phase. The second phase is a sleep stage in which body temperature drops and both breathing and heart rate are regular.

The third and fourth phases are the deep sleep phases.

This improved sleep quality ensures that your body and mind not only function properly, but optimally – with energy and vitality.

Nikken’s variant of the magnetic mattress is the Kenkopad.
The Naturest® Kenkopad® can be placed directly on your conventional mattress.
The nature® Kenkopad® is about 7.5 cm thick.
Depending on the size of the support, there are between 13-26 magnetic discs on a kenkopad.
Each magnetic disk has a diameter of about 3 cm. It contains six spherical neodymium magnets with a thickness of 3,200 gauss.
The elements of the Naturest sleep system (cushion,blanket, pad)are matched in their functions to surround you with an innovative, adaptable sleeping environment like in a cocoon. It creates the best conditions for the highest quality of sleep and gives you the feeling that you are sleeping in the wild in your home.

Innovative relaxation technology:

The Nikken Naturalest ® Kenkopad ® is a latex pad whose surface has an “egg carton” structure with reinforced tips. This surface provides a relaxing massage effect while allowing the air circulation and the dissipation of perspiration. Pressure points are avoided – for ideal sleeping comfort. The circulation is also naturally hygienic, since latex has inherently antimicrobial properties and is resistant to dust mites.

By using the unique magnetic configurations of Nikken RAM ™ technology, the Naturalest ® Kenkopad ® generates a specially developed magnetic field that promotes relaxation and sleep quality.

Natural, renewable materials

The Naturalest ® Kenkopad ® consists of a latex mixture suitable for allergy sufferers. The upholstery is a fabric made of natural cotton from renewable sources, wool and bamboo fibres that were produced without the use of pesticides or insecticides. It supports the discharge of moisture and provides improved ventilation for a drier, more comfortable sleeping environment.

The Naturest ® Kenkopad ®, the Naturest ® Pillow and the KenkoDream ® blanket complement each other and offer you the ideal environment for relaxed, restful sleep.

The Naturest ® Kenkopad ® is available in many different sizes. Please talk to us about it. We are happy to help.

Both people who wear a pacemaker, have health problems, use an electronic device (implanted or external) and women in the first three months of pregnancy should use their magnetic products before using magnetic products. consult the attending physician.

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