Why we wear jewelry…

Jewelry was an early form of decorative art. Research on some primitive cultures has shown that organic materials have been used in the past. It was only in a later phase of human development that precious and possibly scarce materials were chosen from afar to make jewelry. 1

In many cases, the jewelry served not only as a personal ornament, but also to emphasize the social role of the wearer. Jewelry has also been used to ward off disease and other evils, and sometimes even to use “magic” to crack down on adversaries. In religious rituals, jewelry was used to amplify the acts and signs of prayer and devotion to deities. 2

Jewelry made of precious materials appeared 5,000 years ago. In Mesopotamia, jewelry was made of metals in the form of leaves, spirals and grapes and set with colorful stones. The ancient Chinese highly valued jade and silver. Brooches made of precious metals were used in ancient Greece and Rome to hold clothes together. The jewelry of the Maya was mostly made of jade, gold, bronze, silver and copper. In ancient Egypt, gold was highly coveted, as evidenced by the artifacts from the tomb of King Tutankhamun. In these ancient cultures, jewelry was considered a status symbol, and only the wealthy wore it. In the Middle Ages, kings and nobles wore jewelry made of gold, silver and precious stones, while the members of the lower classes wore jewelry made of base metals such as copper and tin. 3

With the change of times and traditions, the attitude towards jewelry also changed. Today it is a form of self-development and creativity and is no longer limited to expensive metals and gemstones. Jewellery is now also available in textiles, leather, plastic, glass or crystal. Fashion and luxury jewellery is worn by people from all walks of life. Nowadays, people wear jewelry to express their mood, style and individuality.

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