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Working with the magboy

The magboy

known today as magduo – is a small, compact and easy-to-use massage scooter.

It is used a lot for self-massage and for massage on others.
He gets a lot of attention in the book of EmotionsCode or EmotionCode by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

There, the magduo is used for self-treatment in order to free itself from negative emotions.

Enclosed emotions can affect the flow of energy. This can create all sorts of challenges:

  • Diseases
  • physical discomfort
  • Fears
  • learning difficulties, etc.

A highly exciting topic.

Either certified EmotionCode therapists perform the resolution or, if you have enough background knowledge, you can find out by self-testing which emotions can be resolved.

Resolving old emotions with magnets:

The magduo of Nikken and a table from the EmotionCode as well as the ability to perform a kinesiological muscle test serve as an aid.

You ask your or someone else’s body with special questions using the kinesiological muscle test (“Is the emotion in column A?” When answering no, you know it’s column B. Another question would be: “Is the emotion in line 1?” Test again for Yes or No. You test until you find the emotion. )

Now that you have identified the corresponding emotion using the emotion code table, you roll down the spine about 10 times with the magnet.
I would like to stress that I have explained the method in extreme short form and this is only for illustrative purposes.

Certified therapists offer training to EmotionsCode therapists as well as EmotionsCode seminarsin which you can learn exactly how to practice and use the appropriate tools on how to use the Magduo.



Among other things, it deals with the exciting topics of how to dissolve emotions of the heart wall, what spectacular effects the applications have and how to help oneanother and others to easily free oneanother from fixed emotions.
The Book on EmotionsCode is translated into many languages.

The magnet, which is often purchased for EmotionsCode treatment, can be found here:

magduo (formerly magboy)

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